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Picture this; it is evening. As part of your unwinding process you are listening to music from the stereo as you sing along in the shower. Out of nowhere the temperature of the water dropping from the nozzle changes from warm to lukewarm then cold. Worse still, is the fact that now you can hear your voice as the stereo has fallen quiet. You don’t sound as good as the multi-platinum artiste you enjoy karaeokeing to in your private studio. When you come out of the house to investigate you realize that the transformer feeding your grid is making funny noises and sparking. Who will you call? A electrician service, what else.
Our electrician service you call will send in a group of experts that will be responsible for the repair of the malfunctioning unit. This group is made up of electricians known as linemen. Their job is mainly to install, maintain and repair equipment for the utility providers. On repairing or replacement of the spoilt equipment the power is switched back on and you can go back to belting out tunes in the waterworks.
Advancements in technology has seen the world being transformed from the way we interact, work, travel, prepare meals and even how we get our entertainment. The major force behind this being electricity. Our Electricians play an important role in all this by making sure you enjoy it safely with help of electrician service.


We believe in team work

All our electricians are expert in their respective fields but when it comes,they work together to achieve target on time.
For safety measures its good practice to work in a team and resolve issues safely on time.

We have different categories of electricians charged with different duties. The basis of this categorization is experience and specialization. Apprentices are the lowest rank of electricians. Training in this level takes place between three to six years. Basic wiring is allowed only in the presence of a master. In the second tier are the journeymen. People qualified for this title are apprentices that have passed the journeyman test and are conversant with the electrical codes for the countries they live in. We only have quality professionals who do the job well.
We have proper Licensing, means that the electrician can work with electrical wires, install switches, outlets, circuit breakers, repair transformers and maintain the already built in electrical system both in homes and in the industrial setting. The boss of the two, the master, is in charge of planning out the entire operation indicating where the electrical pathways will be running. Every master must have completed six years as a journeyman to be fully qualified. Knowledge on the preliminaries of electricity, the regulations of construction and the electrical code. During a building project only a master can receive the permission to prepare on the schematics.
Specialization has seen our electricians get into various fields to install and repair systems and parts. Automotive electricians deal with in our vehicles. Commercial electricians are in charge of our domestic and industrial needs. In filming, the gaffers are electricians responsible for the setting up of equipment and the quality of lighting of the movie set we take care of even them with the electrician service.

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